Upcoming Event: In a city which is surrounded by insurgents and extremist groups

The  Academy of Afghansitan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) is pleased to announce the first Conference on Peace, Tolerance & Prosperity in Islam, which will be host by our co organizer The White Assembly team in Paktia Province  (The city which is surrounded by the extremist and insurgents groups, but the youths and citizens needs to know more about the classical liberal ideas).

The aim of this conference in a city which non of the organization and personalities dare to travel and organize such event; is to educate and open the windows for youths and the citizens of this city along with the Logar province youths to learn and enhance their knowledge about peace, tolerance, individual freedom, market economy and the compatibility of these ideas with Islam.

We are thankful for our partner organization (The White Assembly) who supported and paved the way for us to organize such event on this city besides the dozens of security challenges which exist.

If you want to apply and participate on this conference please complete this online form and our team will contact with you as soon as possible.