Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization

About Us

The Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) is an independent think-tank based in Afghanistan and registered as a non-profit and non-political non-governmental organization with the Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on December 10, 2009


The aim of “Tolerance and Prosperity Caravan” (Promoting Democracy, Liberty, Tolerance and Opposing Radicalism), is to bring peace, prosperity, tolerance, liberty and teach the young generation how they can fight against extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan.


Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) considers compiling various books and updated academic materials from international academic institutions regarding free –market, human rights, good governance and other free society values in order to pave the

Human Rights Club

It is very obvious that human rights education enhance the knowledge and capacity of civil societies’ activist to prevent human rights abuses, promote peace and individual freedoms in the society and make an important impact to achieve economic developments.

Silk Road Station

The Silk Road Station is a project of AELSO for producing of online radio programs for promotion and education of free society values, such us Free Market Economy, Human Rights, Rule of Law, Limited Government, Good Governance, Individual Freedom and other libertarian ideas based on Islamic values.

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Do you want to take part on promoting of free society values such as rule of law, individual freedom and market economy in Afghanistan? Do you want to take part on advocacy on free society values as a movement in a country such as Afghanistan?