Audio Book – Islamic Foundations of A Free Society

About Islamic Foundations of A Free Society:

Islam is growing rapidly both in its traditional homelands and in the West. Some in the West, view Islam with a mixture of fear and suspicion. However, it is also fair to say that there is widespread ignorance about Islam, and especially about its relationship to political systems and the economy. Is Islam compatible with a free society and a free economy? Is the fact that many Muslim-majority states do not have free economies or polities a result of an incompatibility between Islam and political and economic freedom, or does it result from an unfortunate series of historical events? What role has past colonialism played in encouraging Muslim extremism? Exactly what does Islam have to say about freedom in economic, political and religious life? This book, written by a range of Islamic scholars, sheds a great deal of light on these crucial questions. It is an important book for those in the West who need to understand Islam better. It is also important for those in Muslim countries who can influence the development of political systems and economic policy.

The book is edited by Nouh El Harmouzi & Linda Whetstone and fortunately, now it is translated to Dari by AELSO and it is available as Audio Book in here and as PDF in here.

This Audio Book (Islamic Foundations of A Free Society) is presented for the visually impaired, or for busy people while on the road.

1. Chapter One

2. Chapter Two

3. Chapter Three

4. Chapter Four

5. Chapter Five

6. Chapter Six

7. Chapter Seven

8. Chapter Eight

9. Chapter Nine

10. Chapter Ten

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