Our Programs:

  1. Research & Publication:
  • Publishing academic books in legal and free-economy with consultation & co-operation of academic institutions.
  • Translation of academic books in fields of economy and law in national languages of the country including Dari and Pashto.
  • Translating and publishing of the legal issues, human rights and also libertarian books, and research on the different topics especially about the human rights and other free society values.
  • Research and study on legal issues, human rights, and free market economy.
  • Publishing books, leaflets, brochures, providing academic and analytical training programs through mass-media.
  • Conducting academic research in areas of economic and legal issues including interactive rights.
  1. Public Education & Training:
  • Organizing, Seminars, workshops, academic-conferences, researches and providing training regarding free-economy, various legal issues, human rights and rule of law.
  • Organizing training and educational programs, for defence lawyers, legal advisors for providing advises and defence in justice institutions from personalities in field of free-economy.
  • Organizing conferences, workshops, trainings, round-tables and seminars to educate Afghan people about their basic and Human Rights and other free society values, and also producing original studies in law, economics, and political science to help to guide policy makers.
  • Producing Radio & Video programs to spread the ideas of liberty inside the country and work for a society where peace and liberty should be sustained and also broadcasting of academic awareness programs thorough our Silk Road Station for Afghan and Persian nations to spread and educate them the ideas of liberty.
  • Training legal standards for Afghans to enhance their legal knowledge.
  • Building capacity of individuals in making economic policies regarding the standard of market-economy and improving legal basis relevant to that.
  • Increasing awareness level of people about, human’s right, women’s right, children’s right, defective’s right “including those who were victim of war”.
  • Working on public- awareness in legal standards.
  1. Policy Advisory & Advocacy:
  • Co-operate with government and non-government organizations to reform laws, regulations and terms of references.
  • Participation in economic, legal and human rights campaigns to obtain investments on legal developments, human rights and poverty reduction.
  • Working to better present the market-economy for Afghan society, particularly for individuals who are working in industries, businesses, and some other academic institutions in Afghanistan.
  • Maintaining network and cooperation with national and international institutions relevant to rule of law and development of legal principles in Afghanistan.
  • Maintaining close relationship with policy-making institutions, including parliament and all other sectors of the government, for sharing academic analysis in order to improve economy and legal situation of Afghanistan.