Audio Book – The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible

About The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible:

Ken started writing economic commentaries for radio in 1980, but straight commentary from an academic economics was dry and uninteresting. No one paid any attention – and rightly so.
Recalling the literary genius of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travel and Antoine de Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince, Ken called upon friends to help spice up the radio spots with fantasy dialogues. Why shouldn’t economics be interesting? So Jonathan Gullible (JG) was born and interest among the radio audience soared! The ideas were outlandish and provocative so Sam Slom, President of Small Business Hawaii, proposed JG as a tool for economics education in the islands.
The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey has since been used for radio broadcasts, classroom discussions and debates, essay contests, film and theatrical productions, magazine and internet serialization, and animation around the globe.

The book has won numerous awards and has been endorsed by renowned economists, publishers, and journalists: Milton Friedman, Walter Williams, Mark Skousen, Walter Block, Fred Foldvary, Steve Forbes, and John Stossel. It has been translated and published in more than 40 languages. Fortunately, now it is translated to Dari by AELSO and it is available as Audio Book in here and as PDF in HERE.

This Audio Book (The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible) is presented for children, for the visually impaired, or for busy people while on the road.

1. A Great Storm

2. Troublemakers

3. A Commons Tragedy

4. The Food Police

5. Candles and Coats

6. The Tall Tax

7. Best Laid Plans

8. Two Zoos

9. Making Money

10. The Dream Machine

11. Power Sale

12. Opportunity Lost

13. Helter Shelter

14. Escalating Crimes

15. Book Battles

16. Nothing to It

17. The Carnival

18. Uncle Samta

19. Tortoise & Hare

20. Bored of Digestion

21. Past or Future!

22. Bazaar

23. The Profession

24. Booting Production

25. The Applausometer

26. True Believer

27. According to Need

28. Wages of Sin

29. New Newcomers

30. Treat or Trick?

31. Whose Brilliant Idea

32. The Suit

33. Doctrinaire

34. Vice Versa

35. Merryberries

36. The Grand Inquirer

37. Loser Law

38. The Democracy Gang

39. Vultures ...

40. Terra Libertas


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