Official Launch of Tolerance & Prosperity Caravan Project

Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) has launched a new project for promotion and education of libertarian ideas in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) is working with different youth groups, civil society organizations, university students and Islamic scholars since 2009 and now is trying to expand its reach in all provinces of Afghanistan to promote democracy, liberty and tolerance and to oppose radicalism to make the citizens and new generation of Afghanistan better understand liberal values, democratic ways of living and to solve their problems by methodologies that these values shows.

“Tolerance and Prosperity Caravan” is a new and national wide project of AELSO with the aim of Promoting Democracy, Liberty, Tolerance and Opposing Radicalism in order to bring peace, prosperity, tolerance, liberty in the country and teach the young generation that how they can fight against extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan.

In a ceremony which was held in 2nd May, 2018 by participation of some member from directorate board of AELSO, volunteer team, executive director of AELSO and Mrs. Li Schoolland from Acton Institute of USA; the project launched officially.

In this event the Executive Director of AELSO, Mr. Mohammad Khalid Ramizy explained all the project in details to the audience and “said that this project has many programs and parts and we are sure that it will lead the young generations of Afghanistan toward a free and prosperous society, and invite young generation of the country to join with this Caravan and take part as much as they can and be a positive change maker. He expressed his deepest gratitude to all AELSO’s partners for their usual supports, especially in this project”.

Li Schoolland from Acton Institute of USA was also another speaker of this event and she talked about the name and content of this project. She “said that this project is a unique and a great initiative of AELSO team and the only way that can make Afghanistan a better place; is to work, educate and empower the young generation of the country”.

Mr. Mohammad Milad Sekandari, a young volunteer member of AELSO and translator of Islamic Foundations of a Free Society book was also another speaker of this event and he spoke about the importance of such projects in the current situation of Afghanistan and what outcomes it will have.

“As the founder of AELSO, I am really happy and feel proud that now AELSO is the leading libertarian think tank of Afghanistan and has many great projects such as “Tolerance and Prosperity Caravan” and “Silk Road Station” that can educate Afghan nation about the classical liberalism, and we are committed to work harder in order to have a better future where every citizens of Afghanistan enjoys from sustained peace, prosperity and liberty”. “Said The founder of AELSO Prof. Mohammad Abul Ahrar”

In total of 385 young individuals from across the country has joined this Caravan until now and they will work voluntarily with AELSO team in this project to pass this message and voice of freedom to every corner of Afghanistan.

If you are living in Afghanistan and want to be a member of this “Tolerance and Prosperity Caravan” and hope to work actively for Promoting Democracy, Liberty, Tolerance and Opposing Radicalism you can join us and please contact Mr. Khalid Ramizy at: