The First Youth Summit “Talk for Freedom” | Laghman Province

For the first time, Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) organized one day summit on peace, prosperity and reducing poverty in Laghman province on 10th of September, 2020. In addition to our provincial fellow Mr. Wahidullah Rashid, more than 90 youths comprising of university students, religious scholars, human rights and civil society activists, social activists from Logar, Ningarhar, Kunar and Laghman provinces participated in this summit and shared their ideas, thoughts and experiences on peace, prosperity and reducing poverty.

Our provincial fellow Wahidullah Rashid briefing the participants about AELSO’s initiatives.

In this one day summit which was held in the Cultural and Information directorate of Laghman province, Vice chancellor of Roshan university Mowlavi Saib Habib Sarwar Maki, Laghman University lecturers as well as Laghman province youths’ affairs manager Mr. Shafiullah Niazi were among the keynote speakers. They shared their experiences and presented deep insights on the topic and the participants benefited from their wise words. Our provincial fellow Mr. Wahidullah Rashid briefed the audience about AELSO’s main initiatives and programs for promoting peace, prosperity and reducing poverty in Afghanistan, particularly in Laghman province. Roshan University’s vice chancellor Mr. Maki talked about the important Role youths can play in ensuring peace, prosperity and reducing poverty.

Event’s keynote speakers while sharing their ideas and experiences.

The summit had a Q&A session as well where the participants raised their questions and received convincing answers from the keynote speakers and experts.

One of the participants asking question during Q&A session.
One of the experts answering participant’s questions during Q&A session.

The event ended up by distributing free copies of the book “Islamic Foundations of Free society” and certificate of participation to all the beneficiaries. The main points discussed in the summit have been briefed and will be submitted in the form of youths’ recommendations to the concerned authorities and organizations as the outcome of the conference. It worth’s mentioning that every participants of the conference (Talk for Freedom) will receive 2 credits of AELSO academy and upon completion of all 21 credits of the academy, the participant will receive a certificate of completion from AELSO academy which is of high academic value both in and outside Afghanistan.

Participants while receiving free copies of the book “Islamic foundations of free society.
Participants while receiving their certificate of participation.

Such programs are unique platforms for knowledge sharing as well as opening up to new ideas and thoughts. Considering that, the AELSO will continue organizing such events in other parts of the country with the aim of empowering youths with the ideas of peace, prosperity and other free society values, and enabling them to fight extremism and radicalism by promoting free society values in their respected local communities.

Group photo at the end of the conference.