Promotion of Democratic & Pluralistic Values in Youths (Liberty Club & AELSO Academy)

With the aim of instilling democratic and pluralistic values in youths, the “Liberty Club” project has been initiated by the Afghanistan Economic & Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) with the direct help national and international organizations. The main objectives of the project in 2020 includes organizing series of conferences and round-table discussions in eight major provinces for about 4,000 students and youth’s representatives, producing and distributing 30,000 liberty postures and brochures, and publishing a booklet of 200 pages explaining the fundamental positive impacts the project has added to the community and will serve as a roadmap for policy makers for better promotion of peace and pluralistic values as well as opposing radicalism in Afghanistan.

The project started from May 2020 and currently we are in the third quarter of the project. We are proud to share that despite the outbreak of the Covid19, around 50% of the project has been successfully completed with strictly observing all the Standard of Operations (SOPs) issued by the health authorities. During this span of time, we have made significant progress in instilling democratic and free society values among youths. Below are some of the highlights we would like to share:

So far, we could successfully organized one day conference in Paktia and Kabul provinces with more than 200 participants.

  • 17 out of 40 round-table discussions & Views exchange programs have been successfully organized, covering more than 500 youths in 8 major provinces of the country including the capital Kabul.
  • More than 65% (20,000 +) postures & brochures have been distributed by our volunteers via our different events and programs.
  • More than 50% of the booklet containing Youth’s Narratives for Peace & Prosperity in Afghanistan is almost done, and soon it will be completed and published by the.

The project so far has been proofed to be highly effective in promoting the values of peace, prosperity and tolerance as well as instilling the idea of opposing radicalism among Afghan youths mostly living in remote areas of the country. We believe the project so far has had many positive impacts with many success stories (details are include in our event wise reports), and we are sure that at the end of the project we will be witnessing a huge positive change among our target groups which will strategically and fundamentally contribute in creating a peaceful & prosperous Afghanistan.


Communication and Publication Team