The “AELSO Academy” Officially Launched

Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) is a leading think tank of Afghanistan which is working for promotion and education of individual freedom, market economy, human rights, rule of law, peace, tolerance and other free society values by running of major projects in the country since collapse of Taliban regime and AELSO is being supported by many prestigious international organizations and has successfully implemented many projects about the aforementioned values in Afghanistan.

“ALESO Academy” project is a unique initiative of AELSO team which includes a series of seminars, trainings, conferences, webinars, video and radio programs that provides the opportunities of better understanding and equipping the people, civil society and human right activists, scholars, young leaders, women and students of Afghanistan about libertarian ideas and also how to work for promotion of these values in their communities and society. The webinars, educational videos and radio programs are not only of Afghan audiences but their audiences will be also from around the world.

This project also enables members and directors of other Afghan think tanks who are working for promotion of libertarian ideas but are less experienced and needs to learn how to effectively work for education and promotion of the free society values in the country. As our team and scholars have more than 17 years of the great experiences and knowledge on working for libertarian ideas in Afghanistan and know about all its challenges and opportunities; by this project we will educate and enhance their skills and knowledge to how to run their think tanks more successfully.

AELSO Academy is the first and unique initiative of AELSO team in Afghanistan and its each program has from 1 – 3 credits and once a participant gets 20 Credits, he/she will become the graduate alumni of the Academy and a new, skilled and dedicated advocate for human rights and democratic values in his/her respective community. While establishing the academy, with the help of our national and international partners, all academic figures, we tried to build a standardized and quality system including new and up-to-date topics for our trainings, enrolling and graduation of the participants.

Official Inaugration of the “AELSO Academy” Project by a number of scholars and volunteers of AELSO.

In a ceremony which was held in 27th June, 2019 by participation of AELSO’s board members, volunteer team, executive director of AELSO, director of civil society affairs of the Afghan President, well known Islamic scholars, Chancellor of Dunya University, Dr. Amit Chandra from CCS office of India (One of our partner organization in India), media and our other partner organizations members from more than 15 provinces of Afghanistan.

In this event the Executive Director of AELSO, Mr. Mohammad Khalid Ramizy explained all the project in details to the audience and added “AELSO as the leading think tank of the country is always trying to create many opportunities for Afghan nation to they should learn about the ideas of a free society, peace, tolerance and prosperity. He said that this project will be one of our long term and unique projects and we are sure that by our scholars and team members this initiative can open new windows for the Afghan nation toward bringing of peace, liberty and prosperity in the country.

Based on the decision of board members Mr. Ramizy announced lecturer Prof. Khalilurahman Sarwary as the director of “AELSO Academy” to the audience.


Prof. Khalilurahman Sarwary, Director of AELSO Academy during his speech.

Prof. Khalilurahman Sarwary is one of the well-known scholars of Afghanistan.

He has a bachelor degree in Educational University from Pedagogic Faculty of Psychology and Educational Science. He did is MA degree in Kabul University from Public Policy and Administrative Faculty of Law. And currently he is a Ph.D. student at Strategic Management Faculty in TATA University of India.

Prof. Sarwary is teaching at Kabul University since 2004 and he is also academic member of this university council.

His articles published in many national and international newspapers and he is the author of below books: Risk Management, General Management, Time Management, Foundations of Organizational Management, Human Resources Management, Research Methodology.

Hafizullah Fayaz, Director of Civill Society Affairs of Afghan President Administrative Office during his speech.

“We were expecting to be launched such project in Afghanistan since long time ago by civil society organizations; and today it is an honor for me to be invited in inauguration of such academic project of AELSO, I and my colleagues will be very happy to assist and support this project in any way, and we are sure that as usual this project of AELSO will play a very important role on education and promotion of the ideas which can lead the whole society toward prosperity,” Dr. Hafizullah Fayaz, Director of Civill Society Affairs of Afghan President Administrative Office.

Mr. Khalid Ramizy, Executive Director of AELSO during his speech.







“I would like to say a big thanks to our donors and supporters, who supported us to launch this exciting and academic project in Afghanistan,” Said Nilofar Amiri, a member of AELSO volunteers team.






The “AELSO Academy” will be a very unique opportunity for those who wants to study the free society values and start their works as a freedom fighter for bringing of peace and prosperity in the country.


What can “AELSO Academy” do in Afghanistan? Watch it on this video!


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