AELSO Wins Accountability Award


We are very pleased to announce that Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) has won the “Excellence in Accountability Award” from TEFA, USAID and Counterpart International.

TEFA in partnership with USAID and Counterpart International, held the first-ever “National Conference on Afghan Civil Society Accountability Framework” hosting civil society delegates from 34 provinces of Afghanistan, and Government officials from Ministry of Economy and Office of President Administrative Affairs.

Khalid Ramizy, CEO of AELSO during his presentation


The conference was organized with the objective to institutionalize accountability within the Afghan Civil Society and propel transparency in projects implemented by the Afghan Civil Society Organization, through a well-defined and cutting-edge mechanism.

The outcomes and results of our work is now leading us to the next and high levels of opportunities and gives more hope and courage for us to we should work harder for promotion of the free society values in the country.

Based on a survey and research of the mentioned high prestigious international organizations; AELSO was shortlisted among 54 accountable organizations from across the Afghanistan, and after the presentation and speech/presentation of Mr. Khalid Ramizy, the CEO of AELSO on the mentioned conference on 16 April 2019 in Kabul, that Mr. Ramizy shared our all achievements and projects in details AELSO selected as one of the 4 “Accountability Award” winner.

AELSO along with other 3 organizations won the Accountability Award in recognition of their accountability and the outcomes and results of their projects in the country which caused positive changes toward peace, and bringing of liberty, human rights, tolerance and prosperity.


“I shared with the panelists and participants of this conference what we did until now for promotion and education of free society values in Afghanistan and what changes we made in the country.  

The changes and outcomes of our work is accountability with itself. Because when a think tank works in proper and transparent way, obviously you will see the changes in the society and this is the most wonderful accountability to the beneficiaries of your work judge your accomplished work and project by themselves, and today it is really a proud moment for myself and all AELSO team that we judged and won this Award by the judgments of our beneficiaries’, audience and the most international prestigious organization who are supporting Afghanistan,” Said Khalid Ramizy, Executive Director of AELSO.

The Award which AELSO recived “Excellence in Acountability Award”

The world knows that Afghanistan has suffered from insecurity and war for a long period and every infrastructure of this society has been destroyed in every aspect especially human rights and freedom. Therefore, there is a strong need for advocates and activists to promote liberty, market economy and other free society values.


Working for free society values in a closed and very restricted society like Afghanistan is very difficult and even life-threatening. But we are more than proud to say that, Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) as the leading libertarian think tank of Afghanistan and by the generous support of our respected donors and partners, has worked hard for the promotion and education of classical liberalism in Afghanistan successfully.  

Over the past 10 years, we have initiated dozens of projects for promotion of free society values, peace and tolerance. We have educated thousands of Afghan youths and created a lot of opportunities for Afghans to understand their basic rights and work for peace and liberty in the country. 

Although there are a lot of challenges for our work in Afghanistan, but we are committed to work harder for promotion and education of the free society values in the country.

If you want to support the only Afghan lead libertarian think tank please visit this page and support our mission and take part in establishing of a free and independent Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) is an independent think-tank, which is based in Afghanistan and established as a non-profit and non-political non-governmental organization by a group of Kabul university professors, human rights activists, policy makers, economists, civil society activists and youths with the support of national and international organizations which are working for peace and liberty across the world.