AELSO Celebrates 9 Years of Advancing Liberty

The Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) is an independent think – tank , which i s based in Afghanistan and registered as a non-profit and non-political non -governmental organization with the Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in December 2009 by a group of Kabul university professors, human rights activists, policy makers, economists, civil society activists and youths with the support of Atlas Network, Network for a Free Society and other international organizations which are working for peace and liberty across the globe.

The core purpose of AELSO is to promote the values of individual freedom and the responsibility of civil society for the creation and sustenance of the institutions of limited government, the rule of law, and the other institutional foundations of the free society.  That includes strengthening the institutions of the free-market economy, such as clear definition of, and respect, for property, and promotion of freedom of expression, toleration, human rights, and civil peace.

Since the establishment, AELSO has organized many events for youths, human rights and civil society activists, policy makers, Islamic scholars, university students and Afghan citizens to educate and enhance their knowledge about ideas of a free society, such as human rights, market economy, good governance, rule of law, limited government, individual freedom and etc.

Despite social, cultural, political and security atmosphere for working and spreading libertarian ideas is quite difficult in Afghanistan; AELSO still could work hard for these values and had great achievements by publishing of valuable libertarian books, broadcasting of Radio and Video programs, student’s roundtables, views exchange and doing researches.

One of the greatest achievement of AELSO in Afghanistan is organizing of “Human Rights Club” on yearly base for youths, legal and judicial institution employees, Human Rights and Civil society activists, university students and journalists. The aim of this academic Human Rights Club is to teach the members of this club about all free society values and its compatibility with Islamic values.

Fortunately, this year 26 persons could successfully graduate from 3rd generation of this Human Rights club and have joined classical liberal team of Afghanistan that are now able to work for Peace and Freedom.

Abed Ahmadzai, one of human rights club participant believes that “This human rights club is very useful for all afghans, especially new generation. As oneog the graduated students of this club I appreciate great works of AELSO and silk road station for supporting young generation of Afghanistan and teaching them libertarian ideas that can open bright windows for living in peace and prosperity. I would like to thank AELSO, ATLAS Network, Network for a Free Society and other partners AELSO”.

On the graduation ceremony of 3rd Human Right Club and celebration of AELSO’s 9th anniversary, which was organized on 28th December 2018 in Kabul, Prof. Abu Ahrar Ramizpoor one of the founders of AELSO said “The activities of ALESO for promotion of libertarian values are very essential and valuable as the nation is in need of these values in current situation. Therefore, we hope that all of our partner’s increase and continue their supports”.

Beside other speakers at this event that they appreciated and admired activities of AELSO and Silk Road Station, Mr.Khalid Ramizy, Executive Director of AELSO added “AELSO has wider and greater programs for promotion of market economy and other free society values for the year 2018, which can lead whole nation toward peace and prosperity and I express my great gratitude from our all partners for their usual supports”.

AELSO and Silk Road Station are committed to work harder for free society values in all parts of Afghanistan for the next year.

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