Conference on Peace, Tolerance & Prosperity in Islam – Paktia Provence

We are not only working in safe places of the country but we are also traveling and working on those places of Afghanistan which needs more for our work; but because of the security challenges no one dare to go and work on there, except our wonderful and brave team!

The center of Paktia Provence

Afghanistan Economic & Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) under the AELSO Academy project and in cooperation with The White Assembly organized a one-day academic conference under the title of “Conference on Peace, Tolerance & Prosperity in Islam” in 21st of September 2019 in Paktia province, Afghanistan.

Paktia province is one of the insecure provinces of Afghanistan which is always under the attack of insurgents groups and located in the east of the country. This province is divided into thirteen districts and has a population of roughly 525,000.

The picture shows women participation in the conference with Islamic Hijab

Until now none of the national/international organizations dared to travel and organize such academic conferences on enhancing of the knowledge of the citizens of this province. AELSO team is the first and the only organization that beside its activities in other provinces of Afghanistan decided to promote and educate the ideas of liberty, peace, tolerance and prosperity and the compatibility of these ideas with Islam on this province.

The Participants of the conference

The conference covered various topics about the compatibility of Islam with free society values; and the speakers/scholars shared their thoughts and researches about liberty in Islam, market economy in Islam and other libertarian ideas in order to educate and equip the new generation of this province with the ideas of liberty, peace, prosperity and tolerance based on their beliefs and religion and let them know that these ideas exist in Islam but due to misinterpretation they are thinking that Islam is against the free society values.

During the speech of one of speakers

The participants of this conference were not only from Paktia province but also from Logar province which is near to this city and also from a few other provinces of Afghanistan which the total number of the participants of the conference were above 150.

This initiative of AELSO team appreciated and broadcasted by many Paktia newspapers and news agencies and they have asked from AELSO to organize such academic programs in the future too.

During Distribution of the CDs of “Ideas for a Free Society” and other publications of AELSO

A number of well-known Islamic scholars, youths, civil society and human rights activists, peace activists, journalists and policy makers presented their thoughts and ideas to how the Paktia province youths can work and bring peace and prosperity in the country.

Mr. Saboor Salib, The White Assembly Provincial Director in Paktia Provence and a member of AELSO during his speech

In a part of this conference the contents of the “Islamic Foundations of a Free Society” book (Translated and published by AELSO in Dec 2018) also discussed and a number of this book along with the other publications of AELSO and our partners such as the CDs of the “Ideas for a Free Society” distributed for those participants who knows English language.

Participants of the conference

In a part of the conference a number of scholars and peace activists of Paktia province who are working hard to bring peace and prosperity in the country also appreciated by the AELSO team.

A women rights activist while receiving her appreciation letter

The “AELSO Academy” team is committed to continue organizing of such academic conferences in different parts of the country and our upcoming conference is in Heart province, one of the important and biggest cities of Afghanistan which bordered with Iran and the business city of Afghanistan.