A Message from our CEO & a Few Highlights from our Key Success in 2019 | Happy New Year!

Dear honorable friends, partners, donors and members of the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO)!

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Recently, the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) celebrated from its 10 Years Anniversary in Advancing of Liberty in Afghanistan and I am writing this to express our gratitude for the great supports and cooperation’s of you in the last 10 years and also to share some top highlights from our key success from the year of 2019.  

Beside all the challenges which exist for our works in Afghanistan, the year of 2019 was full of achievements for the AELSO’s team; we successfully reached to thousands of people and provided them the opportunities to learn, promote and work for liberty, peace, tolerance and prosperity in Afghanistan.

A few significant and successful projects and moments of 2019 which we worked on are as below:

  • The Silk Road Station (Radio programs for promotion of market economy and other free society values in Afghanistan) not only by online streaming system but also by cooperation and supports of 4 national FM radios of Afghanistan until now approximately our programs listened by more than 600,000 individuals.
  • The establishment of our new and the biggest project of “AELSO Academy” which is a series of seminars, trainings, conferences, webinars, video and radio programs that provided the opportunities of better understanding and equipping the Afghan society about libertarian ideas and also how to work for promotion of these values in their communities and society. Until now more than 5,500 individuals from across the country have participated at the educational programs of this academy.
  • Translation and Publication of “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey” Book of Ken Schoolland into Dari language of Afghanistan.
  • Translation of “Foundations of a Free Society” book of Dr. Eamonn Butler which will be printed until the end of January 2020.  
  • More than 15 round-tables, workshops and views exchange programs for better understanding of free market, human rights, rule of law and other free society values not only in Kabul but also in Paktia, Logar and Herat provinces of Afghanistan which in total more than 1,000 individuals participated.
  • Making of the 3rd edition of “Ideas for Peace & Prosperity” CDs
  • Celebrated the 10th Years Anniversary of our organization with a number of national and international speakers and guests.
  • Identifying and awarding of 12 national and international personalities as “Freedom Champions”.
  • Held the 1st International Human Rights Conference with more than 300+ participants.
  • Increased the number of our interns from 100 to 200 who are now working in our Silk Road Station and AELSO Academy project.
  • Held the 1st “Think Big” Conference for collecting of youth ideas for bringing of peace, liberty and prosperity in Afghanistan.  
  • Held the 1st Young Leaders Summit for the Future of Afghanistan
  • Signed 2 MOU with Rana University and Kabul University.
  • Held the 1st Peace, Tolerance, and Prosperity Conference in Islam, Paktia Provence.
  • Distributions of more than 800 Copies of libertarian books to public and private libraries.
  • Held 3 Big Book Festivals with Bakhtar University.
  • Held 3 biggest conferences about human rights with Kabul University.
  • Awareness campaign in different provinces of Afghanistan for bringing of peace and prosperity
  • Established a volunteer network with more than 1000 young talented youths who are working with us for a more peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan
  • And many more other valuable activities for promotion of market economy and other free society values which you will be read it in details on our annual report 2010 soon.

Based on a research of Pennsylvania University in 2018 the Afghanistan Economic & Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) is among most influential think tanks of Afghanistan!

Without your contributions and involvements of supporters like you, none of these activities would be possible!

We are thankful for your continued contributions and involvements in supporting us to make Afghanistan better and educate the next generation of the country the ideas of liberty, peace, humanity and tolerance!

Donate us!

If you want to be a change maker and help by your donation the lead libertarian Afghan think tank please contact with us at: khalid@aelso.org, or visit this page.

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Looking forward to work with all of you  in the year of 2020 with new ideas and projects!

I wish you all a happy holidays and a happy new year!


Mohammad Khalid Ramizy



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