Life & Motivation online event on Giving hope to the youth

A series of practical sessions named “Life & Motivation” initiated by Afghanistan Economic & Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) in collaboration with The White Assembly and Silk Road Online Radio was virtually held on January 10, 2022. The session was hosted by Manizha Ramizy; professor of Kabul University and human rights activist, with the presence of Mina Dashtbali; Social Worker, Child & Adolescent´s Advocate, on the topic “Giving hope to the youth”.

Throughout the program, Mina Dashtbali talked about the role of families in raising & nurishing children indulged with hopes, role of social workers in giving aspirations to the people, reviving hopes in drugs addicted youths and other related topics.

In the Q&A section, participants shared their views and questions which were followed with answers given by the program speakers.

Click HERE to watch the complete video of this session.

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