A LIVE Conversation with our CEO | Mr. Khalid Ramizy

Do you know that now the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) is among 10 top active think tanks of Afghanistan?

Do you know that now AELSO become a professional organization with a number of 8 full time and 15-part time employees and about 200 young individuals as our volunteers?

Do you know that currently we are working on 3 main and biggest projects for promotion of liberty, peace, tolerance, market economy and other free society values in Afghanistan?

We are sure that somehow you have heard about what is written in above but we know that you have never heard more what is our all achievements, awards, projects, researches and more importantly about our Silk Road Station and our recent project (AELSO Academy) which is one of our biggest project and launched recently. Also there are a lot of more important things that you should know about our works in Afghanistan.

Now it is the time to we let you know about our all achievements, projects, what we have done and what is next? 

Therefore, it is a great honor for AELSO and for our team to invite you for a live conversation and presentation with our Executive Director Mr. Khalid Ramizy along with a few other departments managers on upcoming Tuesday.

You can listen and join to this conversation via the following platforms from all around the world:

·        If you are near your computer, please just go to our Silk Road Station Website and listen live.

·        If you have a smart phone with the iOS operating system or with Android operating system just simply click on the hyperlink and download our mobile apps from the app store and google store and never miss any program of our Silk Road Station.

·        Besides the live streaming of this conversation via Silk Road Station, we will come LIVE to our Facebook page. So, if you want to watch our live video please go to our AELSO Facebook page.

Our Executive Director will be very happy to answer your all questions and give you more information and inputs on your specific questions; therefore, during this conversation you can call us by using the following platforms:

·        Skype (SilkRoadStation)

·        Viber (+93782894444)

·        Or by commenting your questions in our LIVE video

Please note the time and date:

Tuesday, 23 July, 2019 | 10:00AM – 11:00 AM EDT |06:30PM – Afghanistan Time

We are thankful for your continued contributions and involvements in supporting us to make Afghanistan better and educate the next generation of the country the ideas of liberty, peace, humanity and tolerance!

We are very much looking forward to have you with us on this LIVE conversation!