Tolerance & Prosperity Caravan in Mazar-e- Sharif

One of the biggest projects of Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) is “Tolerance & Prosperity Caravan” with the aim of (Promoting Democracy, Liberty, Tolerance and Opposing Radicalism), to bring peace, prosperity, liberty and teach the young generation how they can fight against extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan.

The caravan has many programs for promotion of the libertarian ideas in Afghanistan and fortunately until now the caravan organized 3 big conferences in Kabul, Balkh and Pakita provinces where the insurgents and extremist groups are very active and also 15 views exchange programs in these provinces in order to discuss about free society values and how youths can work for bringing of peace and prosperity in Afghanistan.

In these 3 conferences the participants discussed the importance of peace, tolerance, and democracy and how people can benefit from these values. These conferences also included the issues of how to bring peace, prosperity and liberty in Afghanistan. These conferences were highly appreciated by the national and international organizations and media and AELSO received dozens of positive feedbacks.

In our recent conference which was held under the title of “Peace, Tolerance & Prosperity Conference” in Mazar-e- Sharif, more than 150 individuals participated and they discussed the ideas of liberty, peace, tolerance and opposing of radicalism in Afghanistan.

“We are sure that the programs we are conducting in “Tolerance & Prosperity Caravan” can play a very significant role in Afghanistan for bringing of peace, prosperity and liberty and we are educating the new generation of Afghanistan the culture of peace, toleration and prosperity,” Said Khalid Ramizy, Executive Director of AELSO.


“I am so glad that I could be part of the Peace, Tolerance and Prosperity Conference organized by AELSO in Mazar City. I am moved by the bold effort of AELSO in promoting values of peace and freedom and I am impressed by the energy and aspiration of Afghan youths,” Said Dr. Amit Chandra, one of the conference speakers and Member of Centre for Civil Society (CCS) India.


“The first Peace, Tolerance and Prosperity conference in Mazar –e-Sharif was the biggest gathering of the local leaders, key figures from the public and youth men and women from the city as well young and educated participants.  The conference aimed and discussed the great importance of Peace, Tolerance and Prosperity, equality and rights of human. And the youth were encouraged to celebrate diversity amongst people from all walks of life, regardless of varying political views, cultural and religious backgrounds; the Mazar conference along with other activities of “Tolerance & Prosperity Caravan” are spreading the ideas of peace, love, and liberty which Afghan society really needed,” Said Dr. Azem Momand, one of the speakers of conference and member of “Tolerance & Prosperity Caravan”.


I as one of the member of “Tolerance & Prosperity Caravan” emphasize the importance of such academic projects and I am sure that these kinds of projects can bring peace and liberty in Afghanistan and also make aware Afghan nation to they should take part on bringing of peace and prosperity; thanks to the great supporters and donors of AELSO,” Said Ms. Maryam Zari, member of “Tolerance & Prosperity Caravan”.

The caravan also has many other programs such as distribution of brochures and stickers in order to promote democracy, tolerance, peace and liberty in Afghanistan and AELSO is committed to run this project in Afghanistan for a long time.

You can listen to the speech of Mr. Khalid Ramizy, Exucutive Director of AELSO in here about the “Tolerance & Prosperity Caravan”.

You can find all the photos of our recent conference in Mazar City in here.