First Round of Youth Symposium for Peace & Tolerance | Panjshir – Kapisa – Parwan – AFGHANISTAN

The first round of Youth Symposiums for Peace & Tolerance, initiated by the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) in collaboration with the Alberoni University has been successfully organized in Kapisa province. Youths, university professors and students, civil and human rights activists, cultural and social activists from Panjshir, Parwan and Kapisa provinces actively participated in this symposium. The symposium saw huge participation by young girls which is a sign of their interest for such programs in the province. The speakers and participants of the program comprehensively discussed on role of youths in educating and promoting values ​​of peace, prosperity, mutual acceptance and pluralism in the society.

Participants of the symposium…

Prof. Najibullah Mujadadi law lecturer at Alberoni University and one of the keynote speakers of the event talked about youth, peace, prosperity and tolerance.

He said:

“Afghanistan is one of the few countries with high population of youths which is a plus point for the country. But the opportunity requires proper management for having a better outcome, and today’s situation is a big sign of our inability to properly manage this opportunity which has been turned into a challenge for the country. If we are about to work for sustainable peace in the country, our main point of attention should be the young generation of the country, because they are behind the wheels of the war and if we turn this wheel to a positive side, then we will see its positive impacts.”

Mr. Mujadadi while addressing the participants…

Mujadadi added: in today’s situation, if we are to do the most basic thing in today’s situation for ensuring peace, we must first fulfill our individual responsibilities’ as a responsible citizen, and to change ourselves for changing the community.

He said:

“Unfortunately, today not only there is no support for such programs and symposiums in Kapisa province, but they also create obstacles for not organizing such programs, but thanks to AELSO and its provincial team for opening the door for such programs by conducting this symposium. He expressed his hopes for such programs to be increased in the future because he believes that such programs undoubtedly open the doors for more big opportunities and will fundamentally contribute in ensuring sustainable peace in the country.”

Mr. Farhad Ahmad Haqbin another keynote speaker of the event talked about individual’s responsibility in regards of ensuring peace and prosperity.

He said:

“We do not need to change ourselves, we should remain what we are, but what we really are by nature which means we are human beings by nature who have been borne free and have been bestowed various rights and freedom including freedom of speech and expression. We should not compromise our fundamental rights for any one even state and oppose everyone who undermines our fundamental rights.”

Head of academic improvement of the Alberoni University who also participated in the event as a keynote speaker said:

“Peace is a belief but with different mindsets. Therefore, we need to take practical steps by sharing commonalities for the parties, in order to be united in creating a common vision for this sacred belief.”

Our provincial fellow Mr. Ahmadzai while briefing the participants…

In part of the symposium the participants got the chance to express their views and thoughts about youths and their role in promoting pluralism and fighting extremism for making an Afghanistan where the values of peace, prosperity and tolerance are ensured.

Ahmad Elias, representing Parwan province participants’ in the program, said:

“Misinterpretation of Islam, mixing tribal culture and traditions with Islamic believes, lack of national thinking in the academic environment, and lack of awareness about our country’s real culture and traditions, are the reasons that have paved the ground for promoting extremism and extremist ideology in the country.”

Mr. Wasim Aryan, representing Kapisa province youths’ and students’ in the program thanked the AELSO and asked for increasing such events in Kapisa province in the future.

“With such programs, we should strengthen the foundations of unity and solidarity, and to engage country’s elites in managing and leading big processes such as the peace process. As the youth of this country, we should fulfill our mission in promoting the ideas of tolerance and peace”

Ms. Susan Andar student at Alberoni University and one of the participants said:

“The youth should give each other helping hands and work collectively for the development of their homeland because Afghans are the thirstiest people on earth for peace.”


One of the participants while receiving her certificate of participation…

In the continuation of the program, the participants were divided into four groups. Every group discussed the causes of extremism in universities, ways to fight them back, applicable strategies to promote tolerance in the society and its role in ensuring peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. The result of the group discussion has been presented by one of the members from each group.

First round of youth symposium for peace and tolerance – Kapisa province has ended up with presenting concluding remarks by our provincial fellow Hezbullah Ahmadzai and praying for a peaceful Afghanistan as well as a group photo.


November 12th, 2020