Mohammad Khalid Ramizy

M. Khalid Ramizy

Mohammad Khalid Ramizy is a rising young leader and Human Rights Activist. He lives in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Khalid Ramizy is from an Afghan intellectual family, who devoted their entire lifetimes to promote human rights, individual freedom and other free society values in Afghanistan. He continued these invaluable activities since the collapse of Taliban regime by working with Friedrich Naumann Foundation of Germany and some other national and international organizations.

He is currently working as Executive Director of Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (Afghanistan lead libertarian think tank) a partner of Atlas Network, as well as he is the Founder and Director of Silk Road Online Radio & TV, Afghanistan’s first online scientific Radio & TV Station.  This station was established by the support of Network for a Free Society of UK and Atlas Network of USA.

Khalid Ramizy is committed and determined to promote the ideas of liberty, free-market, human rights, rule of law, limited government and bring peace and prosperity, the culture of co-existence and tolerance in Afghanistan.

He has huge network with different stratification and organizations of the Afghan society, who are involved and working with different youth groups for an Afghanistan, where every citizen enjoys peace, love and prosperity.

He is also a board member and the President of The White Assembly, and leads over ten thousands of youths across Afghanistan to educate them the ideas and philosophy of liberty.

Khalid Ramizy is a mind provoking writer, human rights activist, lawyer and politic commentator; and currently he is studying for a Master’s Degree in the field of Educational Management at Kabul University.

Last and the not the least, he has actively participated in many national and international seminars and conferences on different topics; free society values, good governance, rule of law, Afghanistan peace process, economics and political issues and etc.

Khalid wishes to bring peace, love, prosperity and liberty in Afghanistan!