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Maintaining close relationship with policy-maker institutions, including parliament
and all other governmental and private sectors, in order to share academic analysis
to improve the economy of the country and the legal situation inside of Afghanistan.

Working in order to define and present the market-economyin an academic way
to Afghans, particularly individuals who work in industries, businesses and some
other academic institutions in Afghanistan.

Make individuals capable in making economical policies and decisions conforming
to the standards of market-economy and to improve legal basis relevant to that.

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To promote public- awareness of legal standards.

Maintaining network and cooperation with national and
international institutions relevant to the rule of law and
development of legal principles in Afghanistan.

Increasing awareness level of people about human’s right,
women’s right, children’s right, and defective’s right “including
those who are influenced by war”.

Conducting academic researches in the area of economic and
legal issues including interactive rights.

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Afghanistan Economic & Legal Studies Organization

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The Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) is an independent


AELSO considers compiling various books and updated academic materials from

Silk Road Station

AELSO in continuity to its audio and video programs, this time is planning to have a regular audio and visual publications programs on values of free society

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