Youth Symposium for Peace & Tolerance – Nangarhar Province

Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) is proud to present a series of discussions on the topics of democracy, peace and tolerance under the title of “Youth Symposium for Peace & Tolerance” in partnership with number of prestigious national and international organizations as well as Think Tanks in multiple cities of Afghanistan.

In the Youth symposium for Peace & Tolerance we bring number of university students as well as lecturers, religious scholars, cultural and civil activists together and aside from discussing and exchanging about free society values, they will also share their ideas & productive plans on how to ensure sustainable peace, democracy, tolerance and to oppose radicalism and extremism in Afghanistan. It should be reminded that the outcome of these symposiums will be briefed & published in a research based booklet.

We are proud to announce our upcoming symposium going to be held in Nangarhar province on January 21, 2021 in Jalalabad City. Interested individuals from all over the country are welcomed to attend the symposium either by,

  1. Filling out the online application form here, or
  2. Sending us an email along with their CV/Resume or short biography mentioning 3 reasons for attending the symposium along with a copy of their  National ID card through

Deadline for applications: Wednesday January 20, 2021 – 08:00 am

Note: Applicants who were part of AELSO’s previous events do not need to fill the online application. They can inform us of their participation through sending us an email, in case they are interested to participate.

For more information you can reach us via: / 0202106349/ 0744020502/ 07862800522

Note: we reserve the right for selecting the participants

AELSO’s communication and publication department