Why Afghanistan should join WTO (World Trade Organization)? | Najibullah Sulaimankhil

It is believed that Afghanistan has nothing to lose by joining the WTO perhaps it can actively participate in shaping and structuring the trade rules after becoming a WTO member. Current trade status of Afghanistan, where the level of imports are higher than exports (Trade balance has been in deficit throughout the period 2007-08 to 2013-14 from US$-2475 million to US$-8209 million respectively (CSO, 2014), indicates the very importance of the benefits of accession to the WTO. Further, WTO membership will not only provide access to cheap international markets and commodities, but will also give rise to both export and competition. Competition in return will require and persuade quality improvement and standardization that is equally beneficial to both consumers and producers. Through WTO membership, Afghanistan will be enabled to attract foreign direct investment in various sectors that will increase job opportunities, transfer technology among and from the Members, and decrease trade negotiation costs. The level of trade negotiations will be transformed from bilateral and regional level to the multilateral level (Zadran, 2015). There for Afghanistan should join WTO because it allows subsidizing, provides explicit transit rights, increases average tariffs protection, sends a positive signal to the domestic and foreign investors, and in return it will help Afghanistan to experience a substantial economic development.

Written by: Najibullah Sulaimankhil

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