Tea & Liberty Online Event | 5th Session

Subject: Free Society vs Closed Society

Guest: Li Schoolland – International Freedom Advocate

Host: Mr. Mohammad Khalid Ramizy, CEO of AELSO

Venue of the Program: On your smart phones and computer screens

Scheduled time: Friday, 31 December – 7:30 PM (Kabul Time)

What will you get from participation: Learning new topics, 6 credits of AELSO academy, certificate of participation, getting the opportunity to write articles on the said topic with receiving honorarium & getting the opportunity to be part of the National Tolerance Conference – 2022

The Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) in continuing its initiative, is proud to virtually organize a series of in depth conversations entitled “Tea & Liberty” in direct cooperation with The White Assembly, Silk Road Online Radio and other prominent national and international organizations, with well-known national and international figures regarding their experiences and struggles for promoting and educating free society values such as human rights, liberty, tolerance, pluralism and prosperity.

Terms for Participating:

  • Current student or graduate of the last three years from the fields of law, political science, economics, journalism, sharia (theology), and social sciences;
  • Fluency in national languages and at least one international language (Preferably English);
  • Familiarity with academic issues and the ability to write and submit academic articles;
  • Writing research article on one of the topics of the program;
  • Actively participate with a glass of green tea, pen, white notebook and stable internet access;
  • Participating in discussions and expressing personal as well as other youths on the topic being discussed.
  • Interest in participating in other educational, academic and research programs.

Other benefits of participating:

  • Increasing the level of awareness about human values and its compatibility with the teachings of the holy religion of Islam;
  • Creating opportunities for writing and presenting academic articles and publishing them in a research booklet;
  • Acquiring various academic information and getting acquainted with academic personalities;
  • Receiving incentive prizes and honorariums for submitting academic articles;
  • Getting a prestigious certificate after attending 6 virtual and face-to-face meetings;
  • Obtaining Six credits of AELSO Academy after continuous participation in six virtual sessions;
  • Getting invitation for participating in the National Tolerance Conference – Kabul; with successfully attending 12 sessions of the Tea & Liberty.

If you consider yourself eligible to participate in this program and are interested in upgrading your academic capacity, do not miss this exceptional opportunity and click on HERE to apply and participate in this program.

Deadline for submission:

Friday, December 31, 2021, 6 pm (Kabul Time)

For more information, you can reach us through the below E-mail address:


Important Note: Although all Tea & Liberty programs are streamed live through our social media platforms and Silk Road Online Radio & TV; but without a proper registration in the link which will be shared during the meeting in the meeting chatroom, no one will be eligible for receiving the certificate, AELSO Academy Credits and other related rewards for the current and future programs.

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