Conference on Peace, Liberty, & Prosperity – Paktia

Event Description

June 3, 2020 | Paktia, Afghanistan | 09:00 to 17:00

The Academy of the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) is thrilled to announce its big conference under the title of Conference on Peace, Liberty, & Prosperity – Paktia which will be held in 3rd June, 2020.

This 1-day conference aims at students and young professionals from all backgrounds. The program covers various topics, from the contribution of free markets to prosperity, the importance of human rights and the rule of law, to the connection between religion and individual liberty. Famous local scholars will present their research and insights from these fields, and you will have a chance to hear from policymakers, think tank leaders and other key actor from civil society.

This is a unique opportunity to make invaluable connections, meet future partners for projects, and learn about the rich tradition of classical liberalism.

You will receive 4 AELSO Academy Credits!

The selection process is very competitive, as spots are strictly limited, so make to submit your application!

If you want to apply, please complete this online form!