Mohammad Abul Ahrar Ramizpoor

M. Abul Ahrar Ramizpoor

Mohammad Abul Ahrar Ramizpoor is a well-known Afghan Libertarian, Peace and Human Rights activist who has served as lecturer at Kabul University, Sharia and Law faculties between 1991-2007 where he completed his BA studies on Islamic Jurisprudence and Law in 1990. Ramizpoor pursued his post graduate studies on Good Governance and Sharia in Birmingham University UK in 2005, International Human Rights Law at Nottingham University in 2010 and his MA degree on Gender and Women Studies from the Social Science Faculty of Kabul University in 2018.

Since several years, Ramizpoor has been engaged on teaching, researching, and advocating activities on promotion of Free Society values, Market Economy, Human Rights, Peace, Good Governance, Rule of Law and solidarity in national, regional and global levels. His written book on Human Rights (Selected Documents of International Human Rights Instruments) which was published by FNF Germany in 2001 played a significant role on the enhancement of human rights studies in Afghanistan. He is one of the authors of the first Afghan Legal Glossary that was published by USAID in 2009 and has been using as academic legal reference for law enforcement and judiciary employees in Afghanistan.

Mr. Ramizpoor has been closely engaged on his collaborations with a number of national, regional and global organizations on promotion of peace, human rights, and analytical thoughts on Islamic Law, free society values and market economy. Since July 2007 Ramizpoor, officially works as associated Human Rights officer at the United Nation Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).