National Tolerance Conference 2022

The National Tolerance Conference 2022 is going to be organized by the Afghanistan Economic & Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) along with the direct cooperation of the Deputy Ministry of youth Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Information, Bakhtar University, The White Assembly and other prominent organizations on pluralism, tolerance, prosperity, liberty, and entrepreneurship with participation of youth’s true representatives from all over the country in Kabul city.

Criteria for participating in this conference:

  • Recent university graduates or students;
  • Possessing leadership characteristics and skills;
  • Having familiarity with recent academic issues and ability to present solid social, economic and cultural opinions;
  • Ability to work independently and serve voluntarily on the values and conference themes in their respective provinces;
  • Competitive writing skills and presenting articles;
  • Ability to travel from their respective provinces to Kabul;
  • Ability to write articles on the topics identified in here.

How to apply:

If you consider yourself eligible to participate and are interested in strengthening your leadership and academic capacity; You can fill out the online application form and apply for this great national conference in here.     


  1. Members of the Afghanistan Economic & Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) do not need to fill the form. They are expected to only send their respective names, surnames, and articles to email address, for registration purpose.
  2. Considering the economic and social status of the applicants, the AELSO will pay a lump sum amount to cover the travel costs of the participants coming from provinces for attending the conference.
  3. Your articles will be published in a research book with the author’s name and profile.

The last date for accepting the application is: March 01, 2022,

All interested participants are required to complete the above application form for participating, and without completing the online application form, no other option is available for participating in the conference.

You can reach us through ( in case further details were required.

Important tip: For correctly and timely submission of your application, we do recommend using PC/Laptop instead of smart phones.

National Tolerance Conference 2022 Organizing team

Together Towards tolerance & prosperity!