Educational videos on monthly basis for education and promotion of human rights, individual freedom, tolerance, peace and other free society values and opposing of radicalism in Afghanistan for Afghan national TVs, YouTube channel and social media networks.

10 of these videos will be producing in 1min-2mins with short messages and thoughts of scholars for the promotion and education of the aforementioned values. And 10 more of these videos will 20mins-35mins.  

Topics and Formats:
Production of these videos will help us to reach those people who are very eager of being beneficiary of our projects but live in far provinces of Afghanistan or due to a large number of participants, can’t participate in our programs. These videos will be academic videos speaking about free society values, peace and tolerance, and anyone can benefit it all over Afghanistan and also Persian speaking countries such as Iran and Tajikistan.

In result, approximately 300000 individuals will be the beneficiaries of these videos.

The language of these videos will be in Persian/Dari language with the subtitles of the English language to everyone in the world should know and understand the videos. 

As media are playing a very significant role in today’s world; therefore, we noted that producing of educational videos on promotion and education of libertarian ideas will enhance and also educate the people about free society values, will be a very great initiative to run it. So, on this project, we will at least produce 20 educational videos by the speaking of our scholars with specific topics.

These videos will cover all the important topics about liberalism and peace and will play a very important role in bringing peace and liberty in Afghanistan.

The beneficiaries of these videos will be a very big audience, not only from Afghanistan but also other Persian speaking countries, such as Iran and Tajikistan.

A group of Afghan well-known scholars will be talking on each of these videos and also we will be using from some great and strong quotes of the world well-known scholars.


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