Training/seminars on the education of Human Rights, Individual freedom, Market Economy, rule of law and other free society values in 3 major provinces of Afghanistan

Each of these training/seminars will be conducted once a week from 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM in total the hours of the aforementioned events will be: 8 hours including one hour of launch break.

Topics and Formats:
All the topics are about the concept and ideas of a free society values which includes individual freedom, human rights, the market economy, limited government and other related and important topics of classical liberalism. The seminars will be delivered by a group of university lectures and skilled trainers who have sufficient knowledge about the topics covered in each session.

The participants of these training/seminars will be youths, civil society activists, Islamic scholars and businessmen with the average number of 50 – 60 participants in each province/program. These training/seminars will be conducted in 3 major provinces or Afghanistan (Mazar, Herat, and Kabul).

Each of these training/seminars has one core trainer and two scholars as the guest speakers.

By these training/seminars approximately more than 400 individuals (Youths, civil society activists, Islamic scholars, policymakers, students, and businessmen) will learn about libertarian ideas not only in the capital, Kabul but also in major provinces of Afghanistan. The graduates will become the alumni of AELSO and should be committed that upon graduation they will take an active part in the promotion of free society values and what they have learned from these training/seminars, in their respective communities.


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