Round-tables/exchange view programs in 3 major provinces of Afghanistan in order to discuss and debate the compatibility of free society values with Islam, to address the misinterpretation of Islam among the participants and educate them the ideas of peace, love, liberty and prosperity and to give them the opportunity to share their own thoughts and views about the topics.

After a profound research conducted by AELSO’s research department, we found out that such roundtables/views exchange programs to discuss is a very effective way to promote foundations of liberalism, democracy, tolerance and oppose radicalism and gives a chance to the participants to share their ideas about mentioned values and how they could work against radicalism and culture of violence. It will help people with different ideologies to come together and Practice co-existence and will promote democratic ways of living and handling social, economic and political responsibilities of the country to bring peace, prosperity, and liberty in Afghanistan.

These 10 views exchange programs will lead Afghan youths, Islamic scholars, civil society activist, university students, and journalists to a better understand the libertarian values, democracy, tolerance and opposing of radicalism.

Each of these roundtables/views exchange programs will be conducted in one day of the week from 01:00 PM – 05:00 PM. In total the hours of the aforementioned event will be 4 hours a day.

Topics and Formats:
As Afghanistan is a very traditional country and working for libertarian ideas has a lot of challenges; because the Islam religion misinterpreted by radicals and extremists groups. Therefore, all the topics of these roundtables/views exchange programs are about the computability of Islam religion with free society values to educate and enhance the knowledge of the Afghan nation about these values. 

The formats of these roundtables/views exchange programs are discussions and views exchanges among the participants and with scholars which on every program there will be a specific topic and scholars who are well educated with the libertarian ideas and Islam religion.

These roundtables/views exchange programs can enhance the mentality of the targeted audiences (Civil Society and human rights activists, university students, media and Islamic scholars) that Islam is not in opposition with free society values and Islamic sources stressed to have a free and open society.

In result, approximately more than 600 individuals will learn about the compatibility of libertarian ideas with Islamic values and also will find the opportunity to share their thoughts about these ideas in order to our scholars’ team make it correct.

Each of these roundtables/views exchange programs has one scholar from AELSO board of directorate or other well-known scholars of the country as the speaker with the number of 50 – 60 participants. 

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