The course is considered for one day a week during 5 hours from 1 to 6 pm for three months.


Who can participate?

  • Those who are interested in participation in human rights advocacy
  • Journalists, writers, artists.
  • Advocates and human rights activists, including young people who are interested to participation in civil movements.
  • Whether public or private university students, especially students of law and legal fields, journalism, social science, economics, history and philosophy.
  • Employees of law enforcement, such as police, prosecution, judiciary, who are interested in raising the awareness of their human rights.
  • Members of civil society organizations, NGOs which are active in the field of human rights.


Admission requirements:

  • Interested participants should at least complete secondary education and to higher education or student will be priority.
  • Wholeheartedly interested in learning about human rights issues and have some plans to use human rights in their lives.
  • Certificate of the course will be provided only to those participants who are committed in participation and pass the final exam successfully.
  • Proficiency in English Language is reqired.


        Selection Process/Tentative Timeline:


Application Announcement

1st / July / 2015  


Deadline to Receive Applications

20 / July / 2015


Short listing

20 July – 25 July / 2015


Finalist Selection / Interview

25 July – 30 July / 2015


Start of the Club & Duration

1st August – 17 October 2015 / Every Saturday  



Advisory Board of AELSO reserves the right to adopt the applicants with consideration of the study of bio-graphy of the most talented enthusiasts and the most interested participates with regard to gender balance.


How you can apply?

You must complete our online application form by July – 20 – 2015 in Here!

Regarding any questions please contact with us at:


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