[audioalbum title=”Radio Programs” detail=”All Records of AELSO Studio” date=”2014″]

[audiotrack title=”Program #1″ songwriter=”Market Economy in Islamic Values” mp3=”http://aelso.org/radio1/mp3/1.mp3″]

[audiotrack title=”Program #2″ songwriter=”Legal Basis of ACCI” mp3=”http://aelso.org/radio1/mp3/2.mp3″]

[audiotrack title=”Program #3″ songwriter=”Role of Lows in Market Economy” mp3=”http://aelso.org/radio1/mp3/4.mp3″]

[audiotrack title=”Program #4″ songwriter=”Achievements and Challenges of Market Economy in Afghanistan” mp3=”http://aelso.org/radio1/mp3/3.mp3″]

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